Episode 17

What’s Marketing Got to Do with EP? Defending Against Marketing Manipulation | Jemma Davis

Dark art, social engineering, or just plain manipulation?

No matter how you see it, we are all being marketed to all day, every day. So what should you be doing about it? And how does it relate to the field of security and protection?

This week we talk to Jemma Davis, who is a Marketing and Security Awareness Specialist, who’s segued from the world of marketing into the world of security to influence positive behavioral changes. Jemma now works with businesses supporting security knowledge sharing to change culture and reduce human risk factors. Having had a foot in both the marketing space and the protection world, she understands the tactics and strategies that businesses use to make sales… and often those can be at the expense of you or your client’s security!

In this episode, she shares actionable pointers and takeaways on:

  • Malvertising, audience profiling, and marketing manipulation—how all these tactics are used to track down your browsing habits and use them against you.
  • Why cybersecurity professionals need to communicate better and speak in plain English so that regular people can understand the threats they are facing.
  • How we might be giving away the “keys to the castle” and possibly access to your entire contact list through seemingly innocuous online interaction. 
  • How your social profiles give away your more than you’d ever want to share and how you can protect against the underhanded marketing tactics of nefarious actors.

We’ve all heard the adage: 

“Seek to understand before you can be understood.” 

Jemma shares how good marketers get under the skin to get information from you that converts you to take an action. And how we can use it as a tool for good! 

More about Jemma Davis

Jemma is a Marketing and Security Awareness Specialist with a background in marketing and graphic design. Jemma transitioned from the marketing world into the information security space managing operations and translating complex security messages into readable and digestible information. Jemma now works with businesses supporting security knowledge sharing to change culture and reduce human risk factors. Her wealth of experience ranges across leading risk-related and incident investigations, building cybersecurity functions, and developing security awareness programs in order to reduce the occurrence of threat incidents.

Jemma Davis

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