Episode 18

Mobile Workforce Management | Brittany Galli

You have more power in your pocket today than the people who sent the first men to the moon. That potential is what excites our guest this week and she’s on a mission to harness that power and democratise technology, putting control back into the hands of the operator, manager and business owner.

Today’s guest is Brittany Galli, chief success officer at Mobohubb and co-founder of GSD - getting security done.

COVID has launched a digital revolution for the desk-less workforce. That’s 3.4 billion people across the planet who don't sit at a desk to do their job. The security industry traditionally has a large non-deskbound workforce and stand to benefit greatly from such innovation.

On today’s show we hear how:

  • Mobile workforce management can be a force multiplier for smaller businesses and how it enables them to compete at a higher level.
  • Technology can automate laborious tasks, such as paperwork, freeing up the workforce and getting information into the hands of people that matter in time for it to be effective.
  • We can use data to leverage a higher level of intelligence to predict and prevent incidents before they happen.
  • Intelligent apps can really make the work of the individual operator smarter faster.

By the end of today’s show, you’ll realise the benefits to…

“Owning your data and getting rid of your technical debt”

More about Brittany Galli

Brittany brings 10+ years of finance, operations and technology experience. She hails from Northern California where she received her Finance degree from The University of the Pacific.

Brittany is a female co-founder and Chief Success Officer of mobohubb, a mobile app and platform for the deskless workforce. She’s responsible for the US, Europe and LATAM divisions of the company and manages operations and strategic partnerships.

Brittany is also the Vice Chair of the Global ASIS Women in Security Council. She’s helping bridge the gap between security industry diversity groups, associations and the currently segregated groups of professionals.

She continues to finesse her way through the male-dominated security and technology sectors while never losing focus on helping to build an army of young leaders around the world.

Brittany Galli


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