Episode 39

Security Management for EP Operators | Dr Gavriel Schneider

'Risks get realised' and when they do, are they a risk anymore? How can operators make 'better decisions'? What frameworks could actually make a difference for the split second choices facing operators and why would that lead to a career in Security Management?

We are delighted to welcome Dr Gavriel Schneider, CEO and Founder of Risk 2 Solution and ISRM ANZ Chapter Chair to ask:

  • Why is resilience challenging to 'own'?
  • Is becoming a specialist a route to a stalled career when trying to get into the corporate world?
  • Why isn't health and safety a more core role of the EP operator?
  • What skills would an operator need to 'leave behind' if moving into security management?
  • Why would building 'risk intelligence' in people actually look like?
  • What does 'Presilience' mean and how could it enhance the work of EP?
  • What should international operators know about the Australian environment?

More about Dr Gav:

Dr Gav has led numerous, high-level consulting and advisory projects and has two decades of Operational Specialised Security, Safety and Risk Management experience in over 16 countries including high-level consultancy and advisory, training and protection for presidents, celebrities, government officials and senior corporate executives. He has extensive involvement in International Security/Risk and Management – industry associations (Msyl, FIS (SA), FISSM, ASIS CPP, FAIM).

Dr Gav serves as Risk Expert to the Project Chief Executive of the QLD Department of State Development’s Special Projects Unit, handling the Queens Wharf Project and has over two decades of risk, security, safety and emergency response experience. Dr Gav also heads up the Australian Catholic University’s Postgraduate program in the Psychology of Risk and serves as a subject matter advisor for the Governance Institute.


Risk 2 Solution

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