Episode 9

Networking for the Modern Protector – How to Transform Your Career | Craig McKim

Take a minute and see how you react to the word “networking.” If you cringed, rolled your eyes, or had some other visceral reaction, you are not alone. Almost all working professionals have a negative attitude towards networking and see it as a “necessary evil.”

But our guest this week, Craig McKim, has a lot to say that may change your mind. After more than a decade working in the security industry, Craig's a-ha moment came when he realized he could capitalize on his desire to help others and combine it with his natural ability to make deep connections. Today, he is known as “Mr. Networking” in the security industry and he’s here to help us deep dive into this sticky, love/hate subject. 

In this episode, we reveal how: 


  • Everything you want in life is tucked away somewhere in your network—you just got to go find it. 
  • If you don’t have leads on jobs then you probably aren’t having enough conversations. Because ultimately, you don’t know where conversations are going to lead, so you need to have them!
  • How to use your network to become a greater asset to your principal or organization. 
  • And how thinking outside the box to expand your network beyond your function and industry gives you a cutting edge.   


Like it or not: Networking is an asset to the modern protector so use it to your advantage. With all the resources available, reframe and broaden your definition of what it means to network. 

As was said, “you need to be credible before you can be incredible” so get out there and interact, engage, and share!


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More about Craig McKim:

Craig is a business development and networking trainer who teaches sales teams, executives and entrepreneurs how to build long-term business relationships to have a pipeline of referral partners to continue to grow their opportunities, business, and income.

LinkedIn: Craig McKim https://www.linkedin.com/in/craig-mckim/

Website: https://www.craigmckimbizdev.com/

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