Episode 8

Behavioral Analysis – Why Knowing A Little About Human Nature Goes a Long Way | Miranda Coppoolse

Understanding why people do what they do will help us identify threats and prevent incidents, making us better protectors. But understanding why WE do what WE do might be the key to even more significant growth.


This week we're joined by Miranda Coppoolse, a behavioral analyst and self-confessed “human nature freak!” She's here to help us dive into a subject that isn't taught in basic training but could be considered an essential skill for protectors.


Miranda Coppoolse is the Founder and CEO of MC Global Security Consulting. She is a distinguished Behavior Analyst & Trainer, and Security Risk Advisor on various interrelated security topics. Miranda is a true pioneer in this field and is a champion for behavioral data science & analytics, bridging the gap between technology and human behavior.


We chat with Miranda about the following ideas:


· The 'Sesame Street' approach to learning specific behavioral anomalies.

· Debunking the idea that behavioral analysis is only for the educated and tapping into our curiosity to unlock gains.

· What are behavioral triggers and how we can read the future if we can spot them?

· Virtual DNA - how every click you make online is leaving a footprint and building a profile that can be used against you.


Knowing what to do for effective change isn't enough on its own. We need to make new neural pathways by putting these lessons into practice and repeating them.


Think differently, be curious, ask more questions and 'wake up' those around you with the questions you ask! 


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For more about Miranda:


Miranda Coppoolse (https://www.linkedin.com/in/miranda-coppoolse-025b0032/)

MC Global Security (https://mcglobalsecurity.com/)

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