Episode 6

Raising Your Standards - a Unifying Approach to EP in the US | James Cameron

In many areas of business less regulation is being campaigned for, not more. Why would it be desirable for the EP industry to self impose standards on itself, separate from State by State licensing?

The topic of Standardization continues to be an emotive and contested topic with many viewing their own tactics and procedures as best practice. In that context we are joined by James Cameron, Chairman of the Board of Executive Protection Protection Professionals, to outline the work undertaken so far to create an American Standard in EP and how the industry can contribute moving forward.

On today’s episode, we’re going to debunk myths about the EP Board's work and purpose whilst addressing possible challenges ahead. We’ll also be asking…

  • Are customers asking for an EP standard and if the industry provided one, would they actively hire operators who have attained it?
  • What would happen to experienced operators with 20 or 30 years experience?
  • What would happen to the major EP schools in the United States?
  • Can an EP standard run along side but separately to State licensing?
  • How can we effectively create subject matter led working groups?
  • Is there really a class of operator working beneath the standard proposed?

More about James:

James Cameron is board certified in security management, a combat veteran, a former contractor for the Department of States Diplomatic Security Services, and owner of Security Concepts Group with over 15 years of international security experience. James has also established the organization of the Board of Executive Protection Professionals. Under James’s leadership this new board has earn ANSI or American National Standards Institute approval to be a National Standards Developer. The purpose of the Board of Executive Protection Professionals is to organize seasoned professionals to produce the first of their kind national standards for providing executive protection.  


The EP Board

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