Episode 15

The Human Hacker: People Manipulation in Cyber | Jenny Radcliffe

When we think of a “hacker” we have an image of someone behind a computer wearing a black hoodie. But today’s guest, Jenny Radcliffe, is here to expand the definition of a hacker to include human hacking or social engineering. 

According to Jenny, every human can be hacked. In fact, 95% of cyber-attacks are human-based or exploit some kind of human error or manipulation. And Jenny would know since she has been doing social engineering and physical infiltration for her whole life. As a human hacker or social engineer, Jenny shares her knowledge and expertise on how to avoid people manipulation through human hacking, including:  


  • How to know if you or your Principal is being manipulated? What are the four red flags you need to be aware of? 
  • How to identify a genuine human factor expert from someone who is just faking it? What skill sets should you look out for?
  • What are the social cues to spot when you may be a victim of phishing or any form of manipulation? And what countermeasures should you implement?
  • What is the human hacker’s best disguise to avoid detection when penetration testing? You’ll be surprised to hear her answer to this! 

Today Principals have different profiles - they may be a Bitcoin billionaire or a social media influencer. They’re putting so much out there. It's like putting a sign on your front door saying, “I'm on holiday now. Please break in!” And it makes your job so much more difficult. You need to harness new skills to keep people protected. 

Tune in as Jenny shares lots of top-notch knowledge and wisdom to help you protect yourself and your Principals because as she puts it…

“If you build a wall, someone's already thinking about a ladder.”

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More about Jenny Radcliffe:

Jenny Radcliffe is a world-renowned Social Engineer hired to bypass security systems through a mixture of psychology, con-artistry, cunning and guile. A "burglar" for hire and entertaining educator, she has spent a lifetime talking her way into secure locations, protecting clients from scammers, and leading simulated criminal attacks on organisations of all sizes in order to help secure money, data and information from malicious attacks.

Jenny was recognised as one of the top 25 Women in Cyber in 2020 by IT Security Guru, and as a Top 50 Women of Influence in Cyber in 2019. She was nominated for the prestigious “Godmother of Security” award in 2020 and won the “Most Educational Security Blog 2020.” Most recently, she was awarded a Woman of Influence & a Top 30 Cybersecurity Leader. Jenny is also a sought-after keynote speaker at major conferences and corporate events and is a multiple TEDx contributor. Jenny also hosts of the award-winning podcast “The Human Factor” where she interviews industry leaders, bloggers, experts, and con-artists about all elements of security and preventing people from becoming victims of malicious social engineering. 

Jenny Radcliffe

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