Episode 38

LATAM Operations - Lessons From a Career Operating in the Region | Joe Gehr

Operating in any foreign or unknown environment will present challenges and Latin America is no exception. The continent of South America is vast, rich, and diverse with cultural, economic and political threats differing from region to region but what generalisations can we make, if any, to enhance our protective operations?

This week our guest is Joe Gehr, founder of Technon LLC, a company with a large focus on tailored security solutions for clients operating in Latin America. In addition to being a native of the LatAm region, Joe shares his vast knowledge of extensive regional operations. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Threat Landscape - An up-to-date overview of the current operating environment
  • Cultural sensitivities - what to look out for and how to reduce the friction.
  • Common threats - What unique challenges do protectors need to know.
  • The Miami/LatAm corridor - Why Miami should be your first port of call on any LatAm trip.

 If you take nothing else away from this interview, remember Joe's Golden Rule:

"Have a plan, do your homework and then have a backup plan. Then have a backup plan to the backup plan."

More about Joe

Joe is the founder of Technon LLC, and is a recognized professional in the fields of security and preparedness. Joe has over 20 year’s experience in these fields including 10 years of security work in Israel – where he is a veteran of the Israeli security establishment and an officer with the Israel Defense Forces. He is an experienced international consultant providing security, intelligence, and counter-terrorism advisory services to governments, organizations and corporations. Joe has been a guest commentator on protection, security and terrorism topics for news organizations such as CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, UNIVISION, TELEMUNDO, RTL, CARACOL, and other networks.

Joe is currently involved in a start-up that uses mobile technology to make communities safer.



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