Episode 1

Hotel Security & Travel Risk Management | Mac Segal

Mac Segal, Founder of AHNA Consulting Group, is our guest this week on the podcast and we're talking Hotel Security. As a hospitality & fixed asset subject matter expert, Mac has conducted security assessments for hotels, event & conference centres, and critical infrastructure the world over. So, who better to take us behind the scenes of the hospitality industry and share insights on how we can better navigate this integral aspect of HNW protection.

In this episode we'll hear:

Some of the best techniques for getting hotel security onside and working for you, the EP professional.

An understanding of what travel will look like for us in a post-pandemic world.

What's being done to standardize and professionalize the Travel Risk Management Sector and how we can use that to guide our decision making.

And we'll also get the benefit of Mac's many years of experience as he shares a few eye-opening case studies.

All this and much more in our first podcast of 2021.

To learn more about Mac and his company visit:

AHNA Consulting Group: https://ahnagroup.com

Mac Segal - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mac-segal-96771759/

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