Episode 22

ESRM - Does it Have a Place in the Protectors Playbook? | Rachelle Loyear

We heard on last week’s show how security has become the department of everything through the lockdown. And if that is the case, is it time to give some of that back? If the essence of physical security is about protecting everything then we could say ESRM is all about prioritizing. But does the idea of prioritizing risks fly in the face of your instincts as a protector

Today we're going to be talking with Rachelle Loyear who is a VP innovation and product management at G4S about her work in the Enterprise Security Risk Management sector. We’re going to hear how the ESRM philosophy can apply to many security fields, including close protection. 

Join us for this deep dive into ESRM as we discuss…


  • How we can take a different approach towards trying to protect everything and instead put the responsibility on the people who are going to be the most impacted.
  • How we can overlay traditional Risk Management against security risk to form a framework and a guideline on how to approach it and tactics for implementing it.
  • How to make your company or service a more valuable asset. Because, if you’re managing a risk that nobody cares about, you're wasting company money.
  • How to better communicate the value of security, not just in conversation, but in metrics and measurable ways.


ESRM is a hot topic and an evolving topic. Tune in to this week’s show to discover more beyond the buzzword and learn a new philosophy.


More about Rachelle Loyear:


Rachelle is the Director of Program Management for Integrated Security Solutions at G4S North America, having spent over a decade managing programs in corporate security organizations. Focusing strongly on security risk management, she has been responsible for ensuring enterprise resilience in the face of many different types of risks, both physical and cyber. In 2016 she co-authored The Manager’s Guide to Enterprise Security Risk Management: Essentials of Risk-Based Security, in 2017, she released the book The Manager’s Guide to Simple, Strategic, Service-Oriented Business Continuity, and is a co-author of the 2018 book, Enterprise Security Risk Management: Concepts and Applications.

Rachelle is the current program manager of the ASIS ESRM program, is a member and recent chair of the ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity Council, and is a member of the ASIS IT Security Council. She is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) through ISACA, a Master Business Continuity Professional (MBCP) through DRI International, an Associate Fellow of Business Continuity International (AFBCI), and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute (PMI).


Rachelle Loyear



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