Episode 5

Between Tactical Medicine and Aeromed | Pete Reeve

Yes your principal is more likely to need a band aid but have you actually mapped out a medevac route? How reliable is your aeromed partner?

We are delighted to welcome Pete Reeve, Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care to the Circuit Magazine Podcast to ask:

  • Is a 'normal' paramedic not good enough for your operation?
  • Where should EP professionals look for effective response team partners?
  • How useful are enhanced care skills obtained in a previous military career?
  • How can protectors judge aeromed priorities when dealing with fractures?
  • Why prolonged extraction times are not just for 'hot zones'?
  • How can we ensure more medical problems do not arise from an extraction?
  • How can protectors avoid becoming medevac patients themselves?

´╗┐About Pete:

Pete is a specialist paramedic working in critical care; he is also the operations officer for Great Western Air Ambulance Charity.

Pete was the specialist lead for tactical medicine on the Hazardous Area Response Team and developed the unit response to marauding terrorist attacks as well as designing the response to deliberate vehicle attacks.



And Joel@centre4medical.co.uk

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