Episode 25

EP in Japan, Cultural Nuances & the Olympic Games | Kenji Okamoto

The Olympic games are less than a month away and ordinarily, protectors across the globe would be making preparations to facilitate their client’s attendance. However, in the current climate of uncertainty, many HNW’s will be apprehensive and undecided about travelling.

Are you ready for Tokyo, if you get the call? 

This week we're looking at how we can thrive in a facilitation mindset when protection skills are less called upon. Our guest is Kenji Okamoto, MD of Vector Risk Management, based out of Japan. We're going to hear what it’s like to operate in Japan, drill down into the cultural nuances, and look at how protection is viewed through Japanese eyes.

In this week’s episode, Kenji paints a picture of what the landscape looks like for EP practitioners operating in Japan; we’ll hear…

  • What is it about Japanese culture that makes for such a different operating environment compared to the West?
  • How 80% of the Japanese population do not want the games to go ahead and believe them to be a public health risk. So, what are the considerations for keeping your clients safe and protected?
  • That the official response to most logistical questions is ‘To be Determined.’ So, how does that affect your planning and preparation?
  • Because Japan is considered such a safe country, bodyguards and personal protection is an alien concept to many. Even clients who employ protection want them to blend in and not stand out.

There's a saying in Japan, as Kenji puts it…  

“The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”

Tune into the show for this week’s illuminating interview with Kenji Okamoto.

More about Kenji:

Kenji Okamoto has been in the risk management and security services industry since 2004 and currently heads operations in Japan and Korea. He is engaged in all aspects of the security and risk management space including close protection, security consulting/management, site security assessments, and due diligence investigations, supporting various foreign MNCs and public sector entities in Japan and Korea.

Notable clients include ultra high net worth individuals including three of the Top 10 HNWs, CEOs/founders of several Fortune 500 companies, a US lobby group which met the Japanese Prime Minister at the PMO, and foreign dignitaries who met the Japanese Imperial Family. Kenji graduated from Sophia University and holds an MBA from McGill University.

Kenji Okamoto

Vector Risk Management

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